The Launch Group operates IT staffing, MSP, and recruiting businesses in Australia utilizing freelance and casual employment. The company has developed an in-house Vendor Management System that tackles multitudes of human resource management issues in casual employment, and has earned trust and a track record as a pioneer in the IT human resource services industry.

Seed Tech, Inc. is developing education and offshore development businesses under the mission “Leveraging Technology to Advance the World”. In the education business, we provide “Sodatech”, a SaaS-type DX/IT human resource development service for corporate clients, and operate “Seed Tech School”, a programming school. In addition, we are promoting offshore development in Cebu, Philippines.

G2 Studios Inc., one of the companies of the Group specializing in the Game Business, plans, develops and operates app games for smartphones. We have a partnership strategy to work with major licensors and game manufacturers, and leverage our know-how and strengths as a developer. We will also focus on research and development into the field of metaverse, aiming to further improve our technological capabilities and create new content.